Saturday, September 1, 2007

Everyday Math Info

Our district uses the Everyday Math curriculum. In fifth grade, students have three Everyday Math books:
  • Student Reference Book (SRB)--This can travel to and from school. But students must have it with them in class every day. It is used to help students complete homework assignments.
  • Math Journal--This workbook stays in school and contains their daily activities.
  • Study Links--This workbook contains all of their homework worksheets. The book stays at school, but students will tear the assigned pages out of it each time there is homework (at least 4 times per week.

We'll be covering these units in Fourth Grade:

Unit One: Geometric Figures (lines, angles, rays, polygons)
Unit Two: Organizing Data
Unit Three: Multiplication and Division
Unit Four: Decimals
Unit Five: Estimation
Unit Six: Division
Unit Seven: Fractions
Unit Eight: Area and Perimeter
Unit Nine: Percents
Unit Ten: Reflection and Symmetry
Unit Eleven: Solids & Weights
Unit Twelve: Rates