Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quiz coming home tonight!

Yesterday's quiz ended up with almost a 75 percent average! Great job.

Quizzes are coming home tonight. Please sign them and have your child correct their errors. Then return it to school tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, don't forget the party! Please send in supplies if you can.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slice of Life Challenge Heating Up!

Students are working furiously to finish their 25 slice of life stories and 25 comments before the end of the week. Many of them still have work to do, so make sure that they're writing during the holidays.

Writing Slice of Life stories and commenting on the stories of others is their main holiday break assignment. Of course I want them to read and start thinking about their next interest project, but this writing assignment is most important! Please remind them to work on it!

As always, email if you have any questions.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quiz Tomorrow--Review Video

Tomorrow's Math Quiz has 5 parts. Tonight's homework is a review worksheet. We started it in class, but students are required to take it home and finish it and study it. Please go over it with them.

If they need any help, you can use this video, which discusses examples from the 5 sections:

Can't view the video? You'll have to go to the blog to see it:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Party Planning

We'll have a short and small holiday party Friday at about 1:30. Parents, of course, are invited.

In yet another technology experiment, I've created a Google Doc spreadsheet so that everyone can see who has signed up for what. Please add your name and item to this spreadsheet if you're able to bring anything. Use the link below:


The Candy is In The Building

If you sold candy to help fundraise for your child's camp trip, it's here! If it's not too much to carry, they'll bring it home today. If it is too much to carry, please be sure to pick it up as soon as you can! Yum!

Whether you sold candy or not, there's a packet coming home with all the camp info that's fit to print later this week.

Remember, be sure to contact me if you have camp questions. All money is due January 27.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time for an Update!

So much going on during Exhibition week! I was reminded by a parent today that I haven't been blogging much lately. So true! I love when parents keep me honest. I'm definitely going to step it up in that area, especially because there's a lot students need to be working on at home. Let's start with this week...

POW went home today. It's due Friday. It's a combination of multiplication, addition, and division.

The Slice of Life Challenge continues. Students should be writing one slice of life story per day and posting it to edmodo. They also should be reading their classmates' stories and using edmodo to post comments and questions (and replying to other students' comments and questions.). Be sure to check out what your child has been writing. Some of the stories are pretty good. Remember, the goal is to have 25 stories written by the end of the month!!!

Students in MY reading class have a sizeable reading assignment due Monday. Please remind them. They're reading either The Wednesday Wars, Among the Hidden or Holes. If you haven't subscribed to the reading workshop blog, please do so here:!

Stay tuned for more updates!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Slice of Life Challenge!

For December, we are having a Slice of Life challenge! I am challenging the students to write as many Slice of Life stories as they can during the month of December. Along the way, students will earn special slice of life badges that look like this:

Students will earn one badge for writing a story and posting on edmodo. They will also earn badges for commenting on other students' stories.

Students that earn at least 30 badges WILL receive a special invitation to an ice cream party! (At least 25 of the badges must be earned from writing stories).

Need a reminder about Slice of Life stories? Click the homework tab at the top of the screen.

Deadline for stories and comments is December 31!

Questions? Just let me know!


Some dates to remember:

  • December 7: Candy fundraiser money due
  • December 8: Camp Meeting 4:00 p.m.
  • December 8: Milestone 3 due (completed interest project)
  • December 8: Book Fair in the gym
  • December 12-16: Exhibition Week
  • December 23: Last day of school in 2011