Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time for an Update!

So much going on during Exhibition week! I was reminded by a parent today that I haven't been blogging much lately. So true! I love when parents keep me honest. I'm definitely going to step it up in that area, especially because there's a lot students need to be working on at home. Let's start with this week...

POW went home today. It's due Friday. It's a combination of multiplication, addition, and division.

The Slice of Life Challenge continues. Students should be writing one slice of life story per day and posting it to edmodo. They also should be reading their classmates' stories and using edmodo to post comments and questions (and replying to other students' comments and questions.). Be sure to check out what your child has been writing. Some of the stories are pretty good. Remember, the goal is to have 25 stories written by the end of the month!!!

Students in MY reading class have a sizeable reading assignment due Monday. Please remind them. They're reading either The Wednesday Wars, Among the Hidden or Holes. If you haven't subscribed to the reading workshop blog, please do so here:!

Stay tuned for more updates!!!!

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