Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Weeks and Counting

Inevitably, you are all turning your attention to the upcoming school year. I've been back at work for a week now, getting the room ready, planning lessons, attending meetings, and more. The biggest development so far is that I've moved classrooms. We'll be in Room 302 this year, Mrs. Hatt's old room in the northeast corner of the building. It was a lot of work to move but well worth it. The small space of room 31o, after four years, had grown a bit confining. The new room is huge in comparison! And though I've given up my beloved downtown view, I now get to look out on the Fisher building, which is pretty cool.

The worst part about moving out is leaving Ms. Barnes (now Mrs. Tiggs) behind. She and I were a fabulous team for four years. Our class will be paired with a new group this year, taught by Mrs. Susan Wagner.

Those aren't the only changes students will have to get used to, however! Fifth grade is filled with higher expectations and more work. We'll be hitting the ground running, with all homework assignments (Slice of Life, Problem of the Week, Everyday Math) starting up right away. (Book in a Bag will begin Week 2).

In addition, we have a new, exciting science curriculum with more hands-on activities. Reading and writing poetry will play a more prominent role in our Langauge Arts program. Exhibitions will involve more projects, especially their third presentation in June. More details on all of these things will follow. Check for notes home just about every day for the first week.

I mailed an invitation, but in case you haven't gotten it yet, I'd like to invite you and your child to stop in and say "hello" and see the new room. I'll be available September 1 from 9 to 12 and again from 1 to 3. Stop by anytime during those hours.

A common back to school question is: "What do I need to buy?" The answer, like last year, is not much. I would ask that students buy one notebook for Slice of Life writing. Other than that, I'll give them everything they need. I'll send a note home requesting some classroom donations (kleenex, sanitizer, etc.) during the first week.

I hope the summer has been enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the start of the year, your child's last year of elementary school!

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Anonymous said...

We received a supply list with our school letter of community supplies that were requested. Would you like for us to bring those the first day?