Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mythology Project Begins

We are beginning another Gateway project this week, the Greek Mythology project. We'll be exploring and reading several myths. Students will be working on comprehension and summarizing as they learn about this new genre.

We started yesterday with an overview of the basics of Myths. We also explored the Greek Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus so that students would have some background knowledge before we started reading the stories themselves:

Today we read our first myth together, "Demeter and Persephone" the famous story that explains the existence of the seasons. I also showed them a short cartoon version of the story, which you can view HERE.

So many references are made to mythology in other books and in everyday life (Midas mufflers, for example). This makes knowledge of mythology pretty important, in my opinion.

We'll be continuing to read stories for the rest of this month. Then we'll work on the two projects that will be presented at the Gateway Exhibition: a Ancient Greek "newspaper," and a short student-produced digital movie.

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