Friday, June 11, 2010

Come Home Soon

I know they're out there...books borrowed from the classroom library in the recent past or long ago. They're hiding under beds, in backpacks, on floors, in closets, and who knows where else. Hopefully, they were thoroughly enjoyed before being laid in their current spots. Regardless, it's time for them to come home to room 302.

Please take some time before the end of next week to look around for books belonging to UPA or to me. I operate my classroom library on the honor system, so a few missing books are pretty much par for the course. But I'd like to keep the inventory as high as possible for the incoming fourth graders next year.

I am particularly on the hunt for a hardcover copy of The 39 Clues, Book #2. (I think it's got a green cover. Or red...). I'm not naming names, but I think the last person I saw with it has a last name that rhymes with "limbs." :)

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