Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Break Work

I sent home a note today about work for Christmas Break. Sometimes these things don't make it home, so here's a copy of exactly what the note contained:

Homework for Christmas Break:

Finish Book Club book and be prepared to discuss it and start a book project when you return to school. Also, continue discussing your Book Club book on Edmodo by posting questions, responses, and comments.

Here’s a great enrichment activity about the book we just finished, The Maze of Bones, using Google Maps. Google Maps is something the students are familiar with. What I want them to do is create a Google Map of the places Dan and Amy visit in the book.

The following places should be on the map:

Boston, Massachusetts
Dan and Amy’s hometown
Bristol, Massachusetts
Location of Grace’s mansion
Fairmont Copley Square Hotel, Boston
Where Irina met with the Kabras
Library Company of Philadelphia
Dan and Amy did Franklin research here
Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
Scene of the explosion
Independence Hall, Philadelphia
Dan and Amy met with Mr. McIntyre
Charles DeGaull Airport, France
Where Dan and Amy’s plane lands
Ile St. Louis, Paris
The cemetery in Paris was located here
Catcombs of Paris
The Maze of Bones!
St. Pierre Church of Montmartre
Church where Amy climbs to the lightning rod

Here’s what to do:

1.     1. Go to
2.    2.  Log in with email/username curran302 and password 302302302
3.     3. Click “My Maps”
4.     4. Click the Maze of Bones map with your initials next to it
5.    5.  Search for each of the places in the table
6.    6.  Save them to your map by clicking on them, clicking “save to” and choosing your map.
7.     7. Add the notes from the table to each of the placemarks (To do this, click “My Maps” then click the name of your map, then click the “Edit” button and then click the name of the place and type your note in the bubble).

Want to do more?  Search using Google for facts about each of the places and add those to your notes for each place. OR Change the icons to images from like we did in class or think of other ways to make your map more awesome!
If you have trouble with any of this, send me a message via email, the blog, or edmodo!

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