Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Blogging Project Needs Your Help

We have started a blogging project involving persuasive writing. It involves the "Greatest Invention of All-Time Tournament." What's that? Let me try to explain.

Inspired by the NCAA basketball tournament, we wanted to have a tournament to decide the best invention of all time. We started by brainstorming inventions and then narrowed that list down to the top 64. We broke that list into 4 groups of 16 and made a tournament bracket...

Then, students were assigned a "game" and had to pick the winner and write a persuasive paragraph about why that invention should "win." This served as practice--both with writing persuasively and posting to a blog.

Now's when the fun starts. We're down to the top 16 inventions and we've joined forces with Mr. Wetherbee's class and we need your help...

Students were assigned one of the 16 to write about. They had to write persuasively about why their invention is better than their "opponent." The winners will be determined by votes from readers of the blog.

Here's how to vote: go to and read the 8 posts for this round. Based on the persuasiveness of the writing, leave a comment with your vote. To leave a comment, click on the "comments" link:

I think you will find the paragraphs very well written and enjoyable to read. Thanks so much for your support with our first-ever blogging project.

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Rorey Risdon said...

This is such a fun a creative project. I can't wait until I have time to read the essays. I will check back in when I have a few moments to spare. Best of luck with the project!