Wednesday, November 9, 2011

As you know, our first "book club of the month" (well, it was actually about 2 months, but that's okay) theme was "Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover." Participating students selected a book with an unattractive cover and then read it completely.

Along the way we had some lunch-time book club meetings where we talked about our books and completed a project. The project involved redesigning the cover using flickrCC and Picnik, an online photo editor. Check out the results:

Pretty cool. I'm actually going to print them out and glue them over the old covers so that future students will find the books more appealing. I think it was a great way for students to "Leave Their Mark."

Stay tuned for the next book club of the (two) month category: Series Books. AND coming in January, an exciting experiment, the Parent/Child book club.

(If you're viewing this in an email and the pictures aren't showing up, you may need to go directly to the blog to see them.)

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