Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Math Experiemnt

In an effort to deepen understanding about the fraction concepts we're studying, the fifth grade teachers are trying something new...we're switching classes during math time this week with the goal of mastering fractions.

Here's how it's working...

We gave a quiz before the holiday break. Based on those results, we've grouped the kids by area of need. The kids who need to work on the same concepts are grouped together and then sent to a teacher who has had success in that area.

I'm working with students on equivalent fractions. Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Martin are working on adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.

There is also a large group of kids who showed on the quiz that they have mastered these ideas already. This group is working with Ms. Dinning this week on some enrichment activities involving multiplication and division of fractions.

We'll give a quiz on Friday to see how this turns out. I know that in my class things have been awesome so far. I think it will help them understand this tough concept a little better. And it's also nice to hear a fresh voice and different approach from a new teacher sometimes. Ask you child and see how it's going!

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