Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Over the long weekend

Today I am giving students about a half an hour for researching their 10 Places for the 10 Places Project. This will be the last class time I've giving for research. The rest of the research will have to be done at home. This would be a good thing to work on over the long weekend.

All students have notetaking sheets to do this work on. I'll be telling them to take them home to finish today. Please send them back to school on Monday.

How much information do they need about each place? A lot! They'll be writing paragraphs about each one that are 10 sentences long. The more info they have, the better. We'll be writing these paragraphs in school starting Monday. But if any of them want to get a head start, they can type them on Google Docs for easy copying and pasting.

Also, sorry about not sending home a form for Driving Questions yesterday. Totally forgot. It will come home tonight. Thanks.

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