Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Now?

I am checking in milestones at 11:00 this morning. I'm giving students the first couple hours of the day to put the finishing touches on these projects:

  • 10 Places typing
  • Poetry collection typing
  • Current events essay (rough draft)
  • College Project article (rough draft)
  • Mythology Newspaper (all reading classes EXCEPT Ms. Dinning)
  • Author Study (rough draft) (ONLY my reading class)
So what's next? With just under a week to go before Exhibitions start, there's still plenty of things to do! Here's what should be worked on at home, starting as soon as possible:
  • Finishing and rehearsing Interest Project
  • Memorizing and rehearsing the poem they chose to recite
  • Finishing any and all typing (not everyone got done!)
  • Creating an agenda so they know the order they will present things (they do NOT need to have an agenda to pass out, though. Just one for themselves.)
As for us here at school, starting tomorrow, we'll be doing several things to get ready. Including:
  • Finishing the 10 Places project (adding links, images, and video)
  • Building the wiki page that will hold all of our projects
  • Finishing the stock market project (we will get to this, I promise!)
  • Checking over all of our work using scoring rubrics to make sure we've met all requirements
  • Tying up all other loose ends (I'm sure there will be a few)
Wow. Deep breath. We can do it!

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