Sunday, October 5, 2008

News and Notes For the Week Ahead

I had a list of things to write about that I made at school Friday. Guess where the list is now? On my desk at school. So I'm sure I'll end up forgetting things but here's an update for now...

In math this week, we're having a Unit Test on Wednesday for Chapter Two. A review will come home on Tuesday. It'll cover Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, data and graphs, and data analysis. On Friday's quiz, the most frequently missed questions were about the maximum, minimum, range, mode, and median. You might want to work on those a little extra. Tomorrow's homework is a bit tricky. We'll be trying partial differences subtraction. It's another way to solve subtraction problems. It's an alternative to borrowing. Try your best. What's most important is that students know how to subtract 3 and 4 digit numbers. We'll start Unit Three on Thursday. One of the main concepts in this new unit is multiplication.

In writing, our notebooks are complete and we'll be starting a unit on personal narratives. Personal narratives are kind of like memoirs, little stories about small moments in time. They're true stories that come from students' lives. We'll continue to stress "beginning, middle, and end" but will add in some new concepts that will improve writing.

On Thursday, students started meeting with their new Reading teachers. They will report to these teachers from now on for Reading Workshop and Word Study (spelling & vocabulary). If you need to know more about this let me know.

This is the last week of Social Studies for a while. Next week, we'll begin a 6 week science unit. We're finishing up by studying the explorers that first came to Michigan and we'll be learning what impact they made on the area as well as on the tribes that were living here at the time.

This week, I'm finally putting the finishing touches on the Learning Plans. Look for two copies to come home tomorrow or Tuesday. On Friday, I'll be sending home individualized Academic Goal work. That will have a due date of October 17, I think. More on that later this week.

The fantasy football project is going well. I think students are getting the hang of it, and I think they're enjoying it. Ask them how their team is doing!

Like I said, I'm sure there's more to report, so I'll get back to you when I find my list!

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