Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Notebook Decoration Day

What a day we had decorating our notebooks. The students did a terrific job and, as you can see below, they had a great time...

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Even I got into the act, decorating my new mini-notebook. (It's pictured on the last slide, but it didn't show up that well).
So, you're asking, "Why did you do all this?" Well, my goal is to get the kids excited about writing. If they feel pride in and a connection to their notebooks, I think that adds to their excitement.
I can't wait to really start getting into this year's writing projects and activities. And I look forward to sharing student work with all of you online as we go. Some students have already written some things on the class wiki. We're definitely off to a good start.

1 comment:

Angela's Mom said...

Hello Class 310!!!

You all have done an awesome job with your notebook decorations!!!

I enjoyed visiting your class wiki too. I look forward to watching you all progress over the next two years.

I am so excited and feel very priviledged to have Mr. Curran as Angela's teacher.

I hope you all continue to have fun learning and I will visit again soon.