Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coming Home Tonight

Just a heads-up so you know what to look for tonight:

  • Another memo from me (this one goes over the specifics of the fourth grade curriculum)
  • A letter from Ms. Kelly Ritter, the new music teacher.
  • An overview of our "Technology Boot Camp" so you'll know what cool computer skills the students are learning this week
  • A list of the main sites we'll be using and your child's username and password for each one. One of our internet safety rules that we're discussing today is "I will not give out my passwords to anyone (except my parents). I believe it's a smart idea for parents to have access to all of their children's account. This is my way of helping out with that. Oh, and if you want to see the other rules we're discussing, click here
I think I have one more note after this that will go home tomorrow. After that, I'm done--for a little while at least.

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