Friday, September 24, 2010

Today We Went Global

Earlier this week, I posted about our "digital learning farm" jobs. We are working in four different teams: Research, Social Contribution, Learning Documentary Production, and Global Collaboration.  It was a beautiful thing to see today in the classroom as the students...

...used Google Docs to collaborate on a document that lists facts they learned about different places around the world. (Research Team)

...wrote, rehearsed, and recorded a podcast about what we've been learning in school lately--stay tuned it will be released soon. (Learning Documentary Production Team)

...presented to the entire village their plan for raising money to help an entreprenuer in the Phillipines--they've already collected over $3! (Social Contribution Team)

...sent an email to five other classrooms participating in the Global Read Aloud project, asking them if they wanted to work together in some way AND typed up a list of predictions about The Little Prince in Google Docs that I recently posted to the blog. (Global Collaboration Team)

Wow. A busy day to say the least. It was really great to see every student engaged in a meaningful learning task and it was lots of fun to get going on projects that are going to connect us with other classrooms and help us meet our goal of "Going Global."

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