Friday, May 6, 2011


Yea, so remember that one time when I blogged about a contest where we could win an author visit via Skype? The winners would be determined by votes...which were to be left in the comments section of the blog that is hosting the contest.

Well, I can't believe this, but we won! Author Hillary Homzie will be visiting our class via Skype sometime in the fall. Is that crazy, or what?

Now it's time to thank the voters who made this possible: our fantastic art teacher, Ms. Seikaly; Mr. El-Amin, Ezekiel's dad; and Mrs. Temske our online 39 Clues & Regarding the Fountain book club partner from Roswell, Georgia! It was actually Mrs. Temske's vote that put us over the top.

I seriously cannot believe it. You gotta love Fridays.

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