Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Podcast of the Year

Sometimes I even impress myself...we've gotten a lot accomplished in just 3 short weeks. One of those things is the production of our first class podcast.

If you're not familiar with podcasts, let me fill you in--they are audio files that can be listened to through your internet browser OR downloaded and played on an MP3 player or iPod. Last year, we were able to put together about 15 of them.

This first podcast episode comes from a class book we made called "The Important Book." Each student created a page for the book. We recorded each child reading their page.

Here's how to listen:
1). Click the title of this post (First Podcast of the Year)
2). Click the LISTEN button or, to save the file, click the DOWNLOAD button.

Are you already a podcast expert? Then be sure to subscribe to our podcast via iTunes. Just search "Radio Free UPrep" in the iTunes store. (Yes, we're so famous, we're on iTunes!)


Unknown said...

Great podcast! I really enjoyed it. Simple yet each student showed his or her talent.
Could you please tell my students the most important thing to remember while recording?
Thanks for the podcast.

Ben Curran said...

The important thing about recording a podcast is to sound natural (not like you're reading it for the first time). Yes, you have to speak loudly, but not too loud. Yes, you need to speak clearly. Yes you have to be prepared with a script and you have to rehearse that script. But the important thing about recording a podcast is to sound natural.