Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poems Experiment Follow-Up

Our experiment with "found poetry" went incredibly well. The students showed they have keen eyes for vivid, poetic language, even when it's hidden in unexpected places.

Just a reminder--the assignment was to find one or two sentences from a magazine or newspaper or book and rewrite it into a poem. They had to use the exact words in the exact order. I thought everyone did a terrific job. I find it fun to watch them experiment with words and lines.

Choosing four to share was, again, difficult, so I will try to feature a few different poets than I did last time...

Found Poem #18 from National Geographic
Arranged by Joshua Jewell

Take me fishing,
so we can
be together
just you
and me.

Take me fishing,
and we'll call
it a date.

Take me fishing,
and we'll have
the boat all to

Take me fishing
and make
me feel



Found Poem #III from National Geographic
Arranged by Alexander Moore

Today I visited an official
"Sculpture Studio"
where I found
Saddam Hussein

riding a horse straight
out of Arabian Nights.


Omarion from The Book of Chris Brown
Arranged by Troi Sparks

Our boy Omarion
May be a superstar
But he does not mind
Sharing the stage with
Superstars. As you know
He just toure and did the
Face off CD. We can't wait
To see whatcha do next, Big O!


The Real Story from National Geographic
Arranged by Noah Ward

Discovery of a
rare diamond in the Democratic
Republic of the Congo sparked
level intrigue.
Then the stone
only to resurface
in New York City.
Tracking the gem revealed
the world of diamonds--
a labyrinth
linking multi-million dollar
mines, bloody
wars, and timeless beauty


Tricia Harbour said...

WOW! These poems are really terrific! Everyone did a wonderful job being creative and making stories out of their lines! I especially enjoyed the first one, it really captured the excitement and found memories of dating and being sixteen again! Bravo! I can't wait till next time!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you guys. Keep up the great work Mr. Curran and room 302. I miss being able to see you guys often, but i'm still supporting you always. Noah I love you and I'm very proud of you young man!
Ms. Davenport