Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guided Reading

Guided Reading groups will start tomorrow. What's a guided reading group? It's a small group of 3-5 students with similar reading abilities. These groups meet with me 3 or more times per week to be guided through a book that's at their "Instructional Level."

Books at their instructional level are books that are just a little too hard for them to comprehend on their own. During our group meetings, I help them prior to reading by providing background information, defining and pronouncing words and names, etc. Then, after reading a short selection, we discuss what we read. That's when I ask comprehension questions to check for understanding.

This is just a summary of what goes on during guided reading. Teachers at UPA have spent MANY valuable hours being trained to teach reading workshop. The framework/program we use is very highly regarded and widely used in districts across the country.

Guided reading is one of my favorite parts of the day. I've never been the reading workshop teacher for any of my students, so I'm definitely looking forward to it. I think it will become one of their favorite parts of the day, too.

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions about Reading Workshop or any of our other academic programs. And speaking of reading, don't forget Book-in-a-Bag worksheets are due this and every Monday!!!


Anonymous said...

How many books should my child be reading at a time? You send home the book in the bag but I am also reading a book with them at home, should I not have them read the book with me? I don't want her to be overwhelmed.

Ben Curran said...

To answer your first question: TWO. We tried to decrease the number of books students are asked to read this year. They will have one guided reading book. For the most part, this book will stay at school and be read with me during Reading Workshop.

Their second book is their B.I.B. book, which also serves as their independent reading book. That's why it needs to travel back and forth every day. They will need to read it during class, too.

If you're worried about your child being overwhelmed, think about reading their book in a bag book together. BUT, as they get older and better with their reading, some kids can handle more than one book. If she hasn't expressed frustration, I'd say keep it up. Reading together is a special thing and it creates memories that last forever. Whatever you do, don't stop reading with her! :)