Tuesday, March 9, 2010

College Facts and Figures

Our goal is to have THREE of the "College Facts and Figures" sheets filled out by Monday, March 15. Students have been working on this at school, but will probably need to continue over the long weekend in order to get it all done.

The best site for gathering this information quickly is Petersons. Here's a video I made about how to search for the info you need:

The parts Petersons won't really help with are "homepage", which can be found with a Google search (e.g. www.ccu.edu) and mascot, which can usually be found through the school's Athletics Department webpage.

The only way to move forward with this project is if they have a completed sheet for EACH of the three colleges they selected. If students want to fill out more than three, of course, that's okay, too.

Here is the document they have to fill out:

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