Monday, March 8, 2010

Gateway Update #1 of (probably) 1000

This is a bit of a repeat of the note I sent home today, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it...

We are tackling three Gateway projects this week:

*We'll be working on the Facts & Figures portion of the college project. Students will be using either the computer or the brochures they got in the mail to fill out a form for each of their three schools. All three forms should be filled out by the beginning of next week. This might be something that has to be worked on at home between now and next Monday!

*Today we organized our poetry collection for our Poetry Books. I gave students a checklist so they could examine which poems they have done and which they didn't get turned in. It's their responsibility to get caught up if they are missing poems. All books must be complete and typed by their third Exhibition! Here's the form I gave them today:

Poetry Book Project

*I'll be reminding students every day about the Author Study. I handed out the paperwork for this at your Learning Team Meeting. Please help them choose an author and get ahold of the books they need. (Several authors have books for sale in this month's Book Order, which went home today). My recommendation is that they have all three of their books read by the end of Spring Break. Later this week, they'll get a packet that will help them keep notes as they read. We'll also be teaching several lessons during Reading Workshop that will help them compare and contrast the books they are reading.

From now until June, there are no nights with "nothing to do." There's always something. If you are unclear on what your child COULD and SHOULD be working on at home, please let me know. Thanks.

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