Saturday, March 20, 2010

Full Plates

The students have quite a bit on their plates. We are back into the swing of things now that Exhibition Week is over.

Our daily math lessons have resumed, with students beginning to explore negative numbers (a concept I think I was first exposed to in EIGHTH grade!) and they'll have a unit test on Thursday or Friday of this coming week.

Regular Reading Workshop work has re-started as well. All students are in reading groups and have daily and weekly reading assignments. Sometimes this requires them reading at home. And don't forget about their weekly reading letters, now due every Monday. Please help by reminding them to take care of these responsibilities.

In Writing Workshop, we're working on essay writing (another skill I don't think I was exposed to until HIGH SCHOOL!). Students wrote an essay this week about why UPA is a good school. This will help them write an essay about the college they are choosing for their college project. We'll start that essay next week. It has a due date of March 31.

In addition to all that, there's their Interest Project and the Author Study. Please make sure your child is keeping up with their Author Study reading. I'd like them to have their 3 books read by the end of Spring Break in April.

Like usual, there is ALWAYS something to be working on. Keeping up with the reading is usually the most challenging for students. They have all improved a great deal when it comes to being independent and self-motivated, but any help you can give, any reminders you can provide will help them and me a great deal. In other words, please stay "on their case" so that all their reading gets done on time. :) THANK YOU!

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