Monday, October 11, 2010

MEAP Test Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 9:00, we'll begin taking the MEAP test. Fourth graders will be tested in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. We'll be testing Tuesday through Thursday morning this week and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings next week.

Please help out by making sure your child gets a good night sleep, a good breakfast, and that they are at school on time each day. Also, encourage them to do their absolute best.

Every teacher has their own opinions about standardized testing, and I'll spare you mine at this time. Whether it should be or not, it is important to our school and our district that students do well. That's just the way things are in the times in which we live. Thanks for doing your part to help make sure that your children are ready to do their best this week and next.

I haven't completely worked out a homework schedule for this week, but a Problem of the week will go home on Wednesday and will be due on Friday. Book in a Bag reading will continue and their new record sheet will be due next Monday, as will a new Slice of Life story.

Be on the look out for a "Homework Alert" sometime this week so that you're up to speed on your child's missing assignments, if any.

And don't forget book orders are due Friday! Thanks.

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