Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Week's Announcements

We have an "in-school" field trip scheduled for 11:30. We'll be going to the gym to see a science movie about the Earth and different habitats. Apparently, the company putting this on sets up a mobile "dome theater" so it will be like an IMAX kind of thing. If you haven't sent in your $5 yet, please do so. Thanks.

Also on Monday, check your child's backpack, because several things are coming home:

  • Graded quizzes, POW, and other worksheets from last week
  • A "Homework Alert" to let you know what work was missing last week
  • An Exhibition Checklist so you know what the requirements are for Exhibitions
  • An Exhibition Sign-Up sheet so you can choose a time for your child's Exhibition
  • A sheet that explains Milestone 3, which we should finish up Thursday, but that DOES require a little bit of at-home work/preparation--students need to bring their list of facts back to school on Wednesday
  • a new Book in a Bag form
  • Study Link 3-5
No School--Staff will be involved in a professional development session

Study Link 3-7 will be the night's homework. A new POW will come home also. At 4:30 the Book Fair will be held in the gym!

Information requested for Milestone 3 is due today. We worked on the PowerPoint for this milestone on Friday and will work on it again twice this week.

Fun Friday for students that complete Milestone 3 will be held in the afternoon. POW is due today. 

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