Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Benjamin Franklin Project

Our class worked on a project with Mrs. Martin's class today. Both classes are reading The Maze of Bones as part of our Online Book Club.

In the book, the main characters are in a hunt for the mysterious 39 Clues. The first clue has them traveling to places Benjamin Franklin lived and they learn about Franklin along the way.

The project involved researching Benjamin Franklin's life and then creating a 'digital poster' with a website called Glogster.

Some of the students got quite a bit done, but others had some technical difficulties (a few even lost their work because Glogster does not "auto-save" like many other sites). For everyone, there's a little more left to do, and this is a website they can access from home.

Here's how:  Go to and log in with the nickname and password they were given today. Their glog will show up once they log in. They just need to click it to be able to edit it.

Lost your nickname and password? Just go to our Google Docs account and open the file called Glogster Log In.

Lost your notes and assignment sheet or need a new one? Just go to our Google Docs account and open the file called Franklin Project.

Hope you get a chance to check out this really awesome site. The kids did a great job. I'll be posting the results after this weekend.

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