Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two Exhibition Notes

Today we worked on creating a web for the science part of the Exhibition. A change was made to the checklist recently and students were given a choice of writing and sharing a poem about the three states of matter OR creating a web that shows the characteristics of each state of matter.

I personally think the web is the better option in this case. So I showed them a great website that's easy to use for web-making and got them started on theirs. Most of them, in fact, got pretty close to finishing. I'll probably be able to find a few more minutes to work on these in class, but if they want to work on them at home the website is . The username and password are the same as they are for Google Docs.

Another change to the checklist happened today. I added a poetry requirement! (A non-science poetry requirement). I can't believe I forgot to do this! Don't worry, it's nothing super challenging. We read a terrific poem in class today and I asked students to use it to inspire their own similar poem. It's called "You Can't Have It All." They got started on these today and they'll have to have them done AND read them aloud at their Exhibitions.

Tonight's homework will be to finish these poems and, if possible, type them using Google Docs. They should also try to finish typing their mystery stories. There is no math Study Link today.

This WILL be the last change to the checklist. You can hold me to that. :)

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