Sunday, November 14, 2010

Exhibition Organizers

On Monday students will receive an "Exhibition Organizer." This handy worksheet helps them organize everything they need to present for each of the subject areas at their Exhibition:

First Trimester Exhibition Organizer
The Organizer has five sections, one for each subject. I will help students to fill in each section with the important information that they'll be sharing in their Presentations. That way, they'll have everything in one place and ready ahead of time. They will be able to use their Organizer to practice their Exhibition in its entirety at home.

Remember, I will be helping them fill out this organizer sheet. But then it is their responsibility to use it to practice. Also, please remember that now is about the time to really start rehearsing the Interest Project at home. Students should practice saying everything they've learned about their topic. This works even better if they practice while viewing their slideshow on Google Docs. 

I really feel like we'll have everything done and ready with plenty of time to spare. As long as the students are practicing what they're going to say for all parts (interest part and subject areas) at home during the next week or so, these Exhibitions will be their best ones ever!

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