Thursday, October 27, 2011

Problem of the Week Vodcast #2

This week's problem is pretty tricky. In case you missed it, here's what it says:

On a game show, seven large disks are brought on stage. The numbers 0 to 6 were written on them. The host pointed to a large board and said "You have one minute to attach some or all of the disks next to each other on this board so that a number with more than one digit is made. This number will be the amount of money you won. BUT, the number you create must be divisible by 6, which is the number of people on your team."

Question one: What number did they create so they can win as much as possible?
Question two: How much does each player get?

This is tricky and requires that students know what "divisible" means--it can be divided by without any remainder.

I didn't do the exact same problem, but a similar one for this week's vodcast:

If you can't view the video in your email, please go directly to the blog:

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