Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Supply Request

I warned you that sooner or later we would need something in the classroom and I'd have to come begging  asking for it. Well, that time is now! :)

We are seeking blue sticky notes for an art project. It's actually for a 3rd floor competition called The Sticky Note Challenge. It's a window decoration competition. The only catch is that they can only use sticky notes to decorate the window!

I'm not going to give away our idea yet, but we do need quite a few pads of blue sticky notes. (Maybe, like, 4?)

Here's an example of a window decoration using only sticky notes. Apparently Post It Wars are going on all over Paris, France in windows all over the city!

If you are able to send some in, we need them ASAP, please! (The winner gets a trophy!) Thanks.

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