Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Math Test Thursday and More

We will be having a math test on Thursday. Yesterday, graded quizzes should have come home. We went over them together and I helped students to correct the problems they got wrong.

Today we worked on plotting points on a coordinate grid. Students are bringing home a graded paper on this topic. Also, tonight the math homework is a review worksheet with 16 problems on it. We'll check it very carefully tomorrow and then assign another review worksheet tomorrow. For any of you (I know there's a few) who've been struggling with the division...there are only 2 long division problems on the test out of a total of 30 questions, so no need to worry! :)

Finally, tomorrow we have a large chunk of time set aside to finalize our 10 Things project. Please help your child to remember to bring what they need for this so that they're ready to work. This will be the last class time available for working on this project. I'm very very excited to see how they turn out and I think they'll be a very nice addition to our Exhibitions!

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