Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's Your Sentence?

As I wrote yesterday, our theme this year will be "Leave Your Mark." As a way of kicking this off, our first activity of the year was called "What's Your Sentence?"

We started by watching this video, a trailer for a book I happened to read this summer called Drive:

We discussed it and then students were asked to write a sentence that describes them at this moment and a sentence that describes how they want to be remembered after they move on to 6th grade next year.

We'll be polishing them tomorrow and I'll share them later this week. I have asked students to be prepared to share their first sentence (the sentence for this moment) on Friday. They are encouraged to bring in visual aids, photos, etc to help "enhance" their sentence. For example my sentence is: "I am a husband and father to 3 wonderful children," so I'll be bringing in photos and mementos to share on Friday. Hopefully everyone will be able to bring something in.

All in all, it was a great day. Stay tuned for more posts about the beginning of fifth grade.

P.S. I had note all set to go home today, but I had trouble printing it. I'll send it home tomorrow instead.

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