Thursday, October 20, 2011

Problem of the Week Vodcast #1

I got out of the habit of making a Problem of the Week video to help with each week's problem. Not sure why. I love the videos and I think they're really helpful. I'm going to try to be more regular with them and I'll call them "vodcasts," I think. Mainly because I love that word.

This week's problem of the week is essentially a division problem, but it also gives good practice for the "guess and check" strategy.

Here's me solving a similar problem. I hope it helps!

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Kila Heath said...

Hi Mr. Curran, the POW this week is awesome, it had me thinking for a minute, but I soon figured it out and I would like to suggest before going through each number in our range we can eliminate several numbers by first determining if the number is an even or odd number! And so far in your Vodcast and POW there was a clue (and I say that's a BIG clue) that allowed for this elimination!