Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Book Club Category!

The last book of the month (that lasted 2 months) category turned out amazingly well. I think we had about 13 out of 17 kids participate. So, for November and December, I'm announcing a new category: Books That are a Part of a Series.

Anyone that wants to participate should choose a book that's part of a series--it does NOT have to be the first book in the series--and start reading. We'll have some lunch-time meetings to discuss as we go along. Students will have to complete assignments in order to get invited to these meetings. Then, at the end, we'll complete a fun project. The book covers we made for the Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover looked really good. And the kids had fun thinking about how to better represent their books so that other kids might read them. I'm in the process of uploading all of those so I can share them with you and so I can print them out and recover the old covers with them.

So why am I doing all this? Don't they read in their reading classes? Well, of course they do, but I'm just trying this out to do a little extra to boost interest in reading and to give them more chances to talk about books and to just have fun while reading. I want them to be lifelong readers. One of the things I like to do most often when I have free time (not as often as I would like, of course) is to read. Books have made a difference in my life and I want to help instill that.

So encourage your child to pick out a series book to borrow from me or the library. There's soo many of them out there.

And stay tuned for my idea for the January Book of the Month club...a Parent/Child Book Group!!!! Details soon.

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