Friday, March 2, 2012

Syria update and more

Our exploration of the events unfolding in Syria has continued. The discussions have been great and the information has helped us work on writing with detail. Tonight's homework is to write a paragraph about Syria's president. We watched an interview with him from December. In it, he made some startling statements. The students need to write a paragraph about their impression of him.

I'm also asking them to talk to you about what's going on there and what we've learned and why they think it's important for Americans to know about what's going on in country so far away.

That paragraph is due Monday. I'll also be asking them to share with the class what they talked about with you. (Also due Monday is the POW....two different versions of this went home. If your child has the one without scores in the table, here's a hint: the 17 scores have to add up to 119.)

Also, PLEASE make sure students are finishing up 10 Places research at home this weekend. I want to have all 10 rough drafts written by the end of next week. BUT without notes and research, the paragraphs are impossible to write!

In other GATEWAY Exhibition updates...the Stock Market Project starts Wednesday. The Mythology Project will start the week of March 12.

In other news, there is NO SCHOOL on March 16. There's also another after school event, Family Literacy Night, scheduled for March 28 at 5:00 p.m. Stay tuned for details.

In other OTHER news, our class was mentioned in a blog post about video story problems. Check it out HERE:

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