Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Author Study Overview

The Author Study is due next week. It should be typed. It should be six paragraphs. Here's an overview of what each paragraph should contain:

  1. Information about the author, including their thoughts on the writing process and biographical information. A Google search for the author's name should give you all you need. I highly recommend Googling your author's name and the word "interview" to get the best info. Many authors give great information in interviews that you can read or watch online.
  2. A summary of the first book you read.
  3. A summary of the second book you read.
  4. A summary of the third book you read.
  5. A comparison of the books. How are the three books alike? How are they different?
  6. A recommendation. Why should other people read books by this author? Give reasons and explanations.
By now, their paragraphs should have 5-8 sentences (or more) each. This is a project we've been working on a long time. I'll be looking for their best work. Please help to make sure that they are pushing forward to finish it up on time. And if they're done with it...after you use my catch phrase, have them add to their project by creating a glog (like the one they did at their last exhibition) about their author and the books they read.

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