Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Milestone 4

Many final Gateway Exhibition projects are due next Thursday, June 3. The following must be done:

  • Poetry Book
  • Mythology Newspaper
  • Mythology Movie
  • Author Study
  • Stock Market Project
Two things that can be worked on at home are typing poems for the poetry book and typing the author study. Students know how to use Google Docs to do this, and many of them are almost finished with their typing.

The most extensive project is the Poetry Book, which should have all the poems we've written this year (about 34!). Here's a list of what they need to have:

This coming Memorial Day weekend would be a good time to work on wrapping these things up. Many students will be bringing home their mythology newspapers and stock market projects to finish.

Is your child claiming to be done with everything? Drop my favorite (and their least favorite) quote on them: "When you're done, you've just begun." They will be furious with you. In a hilarious way, of course.

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Anonymous said...

that's a great quote...although I don't use that specific one...Noah still get furious because I can always find "something" that isn't done :0 )

Ms. Davenport