Thursday, March 18, 2010

Newest Gateway Project Launch

Wednesday, we started the math project that will be presented at the Gateway Exhibition: "Exploring the Stock Market."

Here's the PowerPoint we showed the kids to give them some background knowledge:

Each student will have 10,000 "dollars" to invest in 10 different stocks. Today students "spent" that money and chose their stocks. They will track this portfolio over the next 6 weeks and then will present all their work at their Exhibition in June.

The first parts of this project will be done mainly at school. Students that don't finish during class time may have to do so at home. The final parts of the project (in May) will probably be started at school and completed at home.

Luckily, Mrs. Middleton stopped by when we were picking stocks today and encouraged me to participate myself and then reward the student that earns the most (compared to me) with a free Subway lunch!

Here's the portfolio I created, using exactly the same form as the students:

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