Monday, October 20, 2008

Academic Goal Packets

I'm going to make a change regarding a very important due date. Academic Goal Packets were due tomorrow, October 21. They are now due Monday, October 28.

I have been meeting with several students today and it seems a lot of them haven't even started on these. Remember, we decided on these topics at learning team meetings. These packets are designed to help them get better at things they are currently struggling with.

Here's the thing...the packets are designed to be worked on with an adult. I don't expect the kids to do them on their own. Please help them with them. Guide them through. Each one has pretty clear step-by-step directions. I really think this extra work can help them a great deal.

I'll also be meeting with them to work on these topics. But I'd like them working on their packets first, so that we haven't something to meet about.

All of your help on these is appreciated. I really think this can be a great way of meeting some of the children's individual needs. But, they might need a push in the right direction.


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Anonymous said...

I noticed that one of the books from your library is "the city of ember". That is one of the Book Club w/Mrs. Middleton books for November.