Monday, October 13, 2008

Writing Workshop Update

Building on the excitement of Notebook Week, we've started our Personal Narratives. "What's a personal narrative?" you ask? It's a true story about a small moment in your life. Even in 9 short years, the students have literally thousands of small moments to write about. We've tried to pick the ones that are the most entertaining. And now we're writing these stories down.

The goal of this project is to write an entertaining story that's packed with detail and feelings. This can be a tough task, but this group is talented, so I'm not worried about it.

Now you're wondering, "What can we do at home to improve writing skills?" The key is the notebook. If you were generous to buy your child a pocket-sized notebook, encourage them to write in it every day about whatever they want, be it fiction or non-fiction. If they don't have this tiny notebook, anything will do. The key is, the more writing the better.

There's another way to work on writing skills at home...the class wiki. All students have used it in class, but it's a special page that can be accessed from any computer. Each child has a username (their first name) and a password (my last name). Ask them to show you how to log on and edit. If they can't remember, here are some instructions.

On their personal page, the parts they should have completed by the end of the week are: About Me, Words that Describe Me, and A Perfect Day. I'll have some more pages active for students to add to later this week.

The wiki is a fun, useful tool. Kids love working on their pages and they love it when they can access it from home. Encourage them to do so and be sure to have them teach you how they do it!

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