Monday, October 4, 2010

My First Trimester Exhibition

In an attempt to help students and parents, I will be doing my own Interest Project this trimester. My driving question will be: "What are the different birds of prey?"

I will be completing each of the milestones so that you can see exactly what is expected of the students.

Here's my list of resources for Milestone One, which is due Thursday:

  • Wikipedia Website:
  • Exploring Birds of Prey website:
  • Birds of Prey Foundation:
  • Birds of Prey by Robin Kerrod
  • Birds of Prey (National Geographic Guide) by Amy Donovan
  • Raptor! A Kids' Guide to Birds of Prey by Christyna Laubach
Please note that for my websites, I included the complete web address. For books, I included the title AND author.

Stay tuned for my Milestone 2--a list of facts--which for students is due October 21.

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