Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our First Movie!

Please take a look at this movie we made after reading the first half of the book The Little Prince. If you are a class participating in the Global Read Aloud of this book, please leave a comment below and let us know where you're from!


Mr. Fleming said...

Great job! Our class wrote a comment to you about your movie, but then the computer ATE it! We are not in school again until Tuesday, but we will be sure to comment on your video then!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I love the movie! Your class has some very creative artists and great ideas. My students will be watching your movie today. Watch for their posts to pop up soon.
Mrs. Wilson, Flint,MI
Fourth Grade

Mrs. Wilson's 4th Grade said...

Mrs. Wilson's Fourth Grade
Flint, MI says....

I love all your pictures good job guys. Ardeija

Hi my name is Kasmin. I enjoyed your show and I really like your drawings. Some of my favorites were Kayla, Romance, Tamerica, and Ezekiel's. The reason why I liked those pictures is because they're beautiful.

Renard, That was a great picture! Jetia

Hi Terion, I'm Kayla. I also think he's jumping to planet after planet like you. Also, like our pictures, I think your picture is great. I can't wait for you to see mine. I think the little prince is going to jump from planet to planet.

Mrs Ripp aka 4thGrdTeach said...

I love your movie. I will be showing it to my 4th graders tomorrow. What has been your favorite part of the read aloud so far?
Mrs. Ripp
Middleton, WI

B.C. said...

Thanks to all for the wonderful comments!

Mrs. Ripp--so far the best part has been connecting with classes from other cities (and even another country). Any interest in giving it a second go-round with a different book??? We'd love to do that. Let me know.

Mr. Fleming's Class said...

I realize we're nearly a month late, but for some reason, we were unable to comment from the school because we couldn't see the word verification picture! Here is what our class had to say:

We like the pictures! - Lucy

I like the song and how did you choose the song, and the background? - Allison

We really liked your music and your video! I didn't like it, I LOVED it! - Ashley

Your video is really nice and we love it! I like the song, and the background and everything about your video! - Angelina

I like your music - Brayden

It reminded me of Star Wars and Family Guy Star Wars - Mr. Krabbs

We really like the background - Angela

It was amazing - Dinosaur

I like it! - Fish