Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book Club in a Bag Project

You had to know that our "Book Club in a Bag" activity would not be just some friends sitting around chatting about books and munching on donated snacks. There will be much more work than that. Which leads me to announce our first project...Make a Movie Poster for Your Book Club Book! (Book reports are so 2010, don't you think?)

Students will use Glogster (which we used to make our Ben Franklin posters) to create a "movie poster" that advertises their book. They will have some time to work on these at school, but if they really want them to be good, they'll work on them from home, too.

I'll be reviewing Glogster with them this week in school: reminding them of their usernames & passwords, demonstrating the steps (stay tuned for a movie of this), providing them with handouts and instruction sheets, and giving them time to get started.

The instruction sheets will have step-by-step directions AND the list of requirements. I will be giving out hard copies and posting them here to the blog.

The due date for this will be...January 31, although they'll probably finish before then. Since I don't want them relaxing on their reading at home, I'll also be having them choose new books and setting the reading assignments. I will share that info with you, too.

Here's a link to a sample poster I made (it took less than an hour) for our recent book The Maze of Bones:

Even though we've only read one book, I think the Book Club in a Bag concept is a success so far. Kids do a great job when we have our meetings--they direct most of the conversations themselves. And they've been keeping up on their reading assignments much more than when we did Book in a Bag.

Stay tuned for all the promised project info.

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