Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Online Book Club Resumes Monday!

Our last read-aloud novel, The Maze of Bozes, was not only a great book, but it was even more fun discussing it with other classes from around the country. Along the way, we also created some cool art and learned how to make Glogs.

Because it was so successful, we're continuing it again this month. Mrs. Temske and her class in Roswell, Georgia have chosen the book Regarding by Fountain by Kate Klise. It's new to me, but it looks terrific. Also, we've got some new classrooms joining in from Texas and Alabama.

We'll do some projects of various sizes along the way and will again be using Edmodo for most of the discussions. Hopefully, we'll also find a way to use Skype again...and maybe even some new technology tools, too!

Speaking of Skype, here are some pictures from our videoconference session with Mrs. Temske's class last month:

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