Friday, February 18, 2011

Going Global Update

This month, we traded PowerPoint presentations with a classroom in the city of Kars, Turkey. Students worked in groups to make slideshows for the following categories: Things to Do and See in our City, Things We Do For Fun, What We Eat, and Our School. Take a look:

The students in Turkey sent us similar PowerPoints that taught us a lot about their city and their country. We also watched a short movie I brought in about Turkish culture. I think the students learned a lot about a culture that's very different from our own and about cities that are many hundreds of years older than ours. I asked them to write about some of the interesting things they are some samples...

Istanbul is the biggest city in turkey.It is in Turkey.There flag has a red background and it has an silver moon and it has an silver star.There border has 8 diffrent contenets.You would have to take a fairy across.Istanbul has very crowded streets.Istanbul is famous for making rugs.Every dish is hand painted.Ankarn is the capital of Turkey.Hagia Sophie is a museum in Istanbul.People will come from all over to visit Turkey. --By Selena

Kars, Turkey's population is 349,437. Things they're famous for are cheese, geese, and winter. Their castle was made in the 10th century. A mosque is a church. Somethings they eat are fried goose,and apple stuff. Don't leave without eating yellow fish and visiting the castles. By Jenna

What I learned about Kars!!!
Kars is a country in Turkey!!! The population of Kars is 349,437. Kars famous dance is called the Kafkas Dance!! Kars palace was made in 1579. One thing they eat is called Apple Stuff!!!
There flag is red and has a white moon also a star on it!!!They speak Turkish!!  --By Kaylen

In Kars They have there own Kaftkas dance.They have a clothing factory.The palace is located at the outskirts of the Kars Castle. The Kars Castle is also called as central castle or inner castle and was constructed in the 10th century. Next to the Kars castle was a church. Kars population is 349,437.  
By Kaelyn

I learned that in Turkey that the Kars Castle was destroyed by the force.
The palace was build out side of the castle.Next to the Kars Castle was a church named Mosque. They did different types of dances like folk dancing.They eat goose and cheese and apple stuff.Things you have to do that is very fun are tasting the famous honey sheep,visiting ancient ruins of Ani and Kars castle.  --By Suhmer

The Palace was built in 1579 in Turkey. The Castle was built in the 10th century Also in Turkey. The dance in Turkey is the Kafkas dance.Boza is a kind of drink in the City.Hagia Sophia is a famous building.The Sugar festival is holiday in the City.  --By Romance

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