Friday, February 18, 2011

Over the Break

I know I sent a note home about this yesterday, but wanted to put it on the blog using fewer words...

Here's what students should be working on during next week's break (don't let them tell you there's no homework!)...

  1. 10 Things Project--type, add images, add links. Please take a look at what they've written and help them improve it, if necessary. Have them show you my sample page I made and use the videos I made if you need help.
  2. Book Club Book--They need to have their assigned pages read by the 28th. There's also a question on Edmodo they need to answer.
  3. Wax Museum Paragraph--They need to write and memorize this. They also should try to dress up like their person on March 1.
Thanks and enjoy the week!

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