Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Praise Song For the Day

January 20, 2010 marks the first anniversary of the President's Inauguration. Can it possibly have been a year? Seems like less to me, although I'm sure it seems like much more to Mr. Obama.

One thing I checked out for the first time since last year was a podcast I recorded with several students. Even if you've heard it before, it's worth another listen. Check it out by clicking here. Then just click on the title of the mp3 file to play it.

This week, for our weekly "Poetry Wednesday" activity, the students and I will be reading Elizabeth Alexander's wonderful poem "Praise Song For the Day." She read the poem during the inauguration ceremony and I really liked it. Upon further re-reading however, I've found it to be even more lyrical, poignant and beautiful. It will provide us with quite a bit to discuss:


Praise Song For the Day
by Elizabeth Alexander

A Poem for Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration

Each day we go about our business,
walking past each other, catching each other’s
eyes or not, about to speak or speaking.

All about us is noise. All about us is
noise and bramble, thorn and din, each
one of our ancestors on our tongues.

Someone is stitching up a hem, darning
a hole in a uniform, patching a tire,
repairing the things in need of repair.

Read the rest of the poem here.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The last line, by the way, is my favorite.

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