Saturday, January 23, 2010

Virtual Field Trip

For the second exhibition (1st week of March) students will hopefully be presenting an extra project: A Virtual Field Trip.

Students drew a famous city or country at random and were asked to plan a "trip" to five places there. For example: if they are taking a trip to China, they would choose five places to visit in China and present information and pictures from those five places (Great Wall, Tienemen Square, Yangzte River, etc.)

This project will involve researching facts and information about each place, creating a map of the trip, finding photos and images to enhance their project, and creating a web-page for their trip using the class wiki.

Due to camp and mid-winter break, there aren't a ton of class days left to devote to this, so you may want to have students start working on this at home.

Our first goal is to find at least FIVE facts or pieces of information about the places they are visiting. Students should have recorded the names of these places on their Virtual Field Trip page on the Class Wiki. (click on the student's name and then on Virtual Field Trip).

Where can they get these facts? A pretty easy place for them to start is Wikipedia. A pretty good travel site to use is Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet, for most countries and cities, has a list of the top five places they recommend you visit. How convenient.

Here's a list of the field trip each student signed up for:

  • Justin: San Francisco
  • Ileana: Famous Castles
  • Keily: Hawaii
  • Pierre: Famous Skyscrapers
  • Noah B: Rome
  • Shayna: Greece
  • Tayia: Paris
  • Claire: Great Britain
  • Stasarahmy: Africa
  • Joshua: Russia
  • Alexander: Italy
  • Michael: Australia
  • Troi: Easter Island
  • Kyree: New York City
  • NoahW: Brazil
  • Angela: Japan

Stay tuned to the blog for a sample of what a virtual field trip should look like and a checklist for students. I will have those posted early this week.

Finally, here's a little video that might help you navigate the Lonely Planet website:

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Miss D said...

This is a good idea. Noah W. is very excited about this. Looking forward to the outcome. BTW..I enjoy working the magnetic poetry :)